Okkalapa, North and South

   New townships in Rangoon (Yangon), established during the Caretaker Government period of General Ne Win (1958-1960). They are located to the north and northeast of downtown Rangoon. To deal with the problems of squatters and overcrowding in the city center, Rangoon's new mayor, a military officer, relocated as many as 170,000 squatters by mid-1959, of whom 75,647 and 64,441 were placed in North and South Okkalapa, respectively. During Democracy Summer in 1988, the largely poor and working-class population of these townships bitterly resisted the Tatmadaw, suffering many casualties; residents of North Okkalapa built a memorial to the martyrs of the Four Eights Movement, which was torn down after the State Law and Order Restoration Council seized power on September 18, 1988.
   See also New Towns (Rangoon); Thaketa.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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